Solid Features

Get organized and create the best possible participant experience.

Manage participants

Collect participants in your own research pool. Keep them active and track study sessions they have participated in.

Registration forms

Get participant consent by sharing a target audience-specific register form. Be GDPR compliant when collecting personal information.

Set up user tests and interviews

Build user tests and interviews containing tasks and questions. Turn your text into audio-visual interactions for your testers.

Run user tests auto-moderated

Our auto-moderated user tests help users to set up their device, give a clear briefing, and even remind people to think out loud.

Analyze results

Review recordings of sessions and see additional information about user behavior. Analyze recordings in your team and find important hints faster.
Works best with prototypes, but also with websites and apps

No Installation

No more hassle with installing software for testers. We do everything to minimize the effort it takes to start and run a user test.

GDPR Compliant

Solid is 100% GDPR-compliant. Testers record their sessions locally before they decide to upload and share their data.

Hosted in Switzerland

We are a Swiss company and save all data on servers in Zurich. We are regulated in Switzerland and comply with restrictive Swiss and EU laws.

Swiss made. GDPR compliant.