Prepare. Conduct. Learn.

Create the best possible testing experience: for better results and more insights.

Automate user testing

When you need to do a lot of tests: Anna onboards testers, helps with their technical setup, and leads through the tasks and questions you define.

Choose how you recruit

Send the testing link to your colleagues, clients, or your own list of testers. You can also rely on our partner companies to recruit testers of course.

Build the best test experience

Your testers don’t need to install software for a user test. Onboarding users will feel almost as natural as in moderated tests.

See the things people don’t say

You decide if testers should share their camera, besides audio and screen recording. Mimic and posture add an additional layer of feedback.

Learn, share, and discuss

Recordings have markers based on the testers' interactions. You can add your own conclusions on a timeline, and discuss your findings with the team.
Works with websites, apps, and prototypes

No Installation

No more hassle with installing software for testers. We do everything to minimize the effort it takes to start and run a user test.

GDPR Compliant

Solid is 100% GDPR-compliant. Testers record their sessions locally before they decide to upload and share their data.

Hosted in Switzerland

We are a Swiss company and save all data on servers in Zurich. We are regulated in Switzerland and comply with restrictive Swiss and EU laws.

Swiss made. GDPR compliant.