Auto-moderated user testing for productive teams

The best user tests are moderated. When your team is busy, Anna can moderate it for you.
Moderator Anna moderates user tests automatically.
Hi, I'm Anna

Participants reveal more

Participants want to help. But they often forget that it's not about solving tasks quickly. Anna briefs the participants, gets them in the right mood, and helps them understand what's important.

Test subjects take their role more seriously when they understand what their role is.

Anna reminds to think aloud

Test users sometimes forget to tell us what they are thinking. Especially when tasks are challenging or unclear. Anna politely reminds the testers to think aloud when they get quiet.

Once testers get quiet, Anna reminds them to think out loud


Build study

Write an intro, define the tasks, and ask the right questions - easily. We will help you set up your first test with demo content.


Recruit testers

Share the study link with your own test users or recruit from the user pools. It’s click-and-run, so participants don’t need to install anything to start testing.


Watch recordings

Get notified when new recordings are ready. Watch sessions, comment with your team, and ease through the process thanks to our built-in behaviour markers.

Works with websites, apps, and prototypes
«Thanks to Anna, we have massively improved the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of our unmoderated user testing.»
Luca Honegger
Luca Honegger
Senior Experience Architect

Advantages over in-person testing

  • No more no-shows
  • No appointment coordination
  • Faster result turnaround
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • No interview skills necessary
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