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Test Figma prototypes with your users to validate your assumptions. Build user experiences that annoy fewer people.
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Avatar Anna briefs participants

Participants want to help. But they often forget that it's not about solving tasks quickly. Anna briefs the participants, gets them in the right mood, and helps them understand what's important.

Participants take their role more seriously when they understand what their role is.

Anna reminds to think aloud

Test users sometimes forget to tell us what they are thinking. Especially when tasks are challenging or unclear. Anna politely reminds the testers to think aloud when they get quiet.

Once testers get quiet, Anna reminds them to think out loud
Works best with prototypes, but also with websites and apps
«We could massively improve the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of our user research.»
Luca Honegger
Luca Honegger
Experience Architect, sinnhaft
«The tests are going well, the think-out-loud reminders work perfectly
Angeliki Stergianoudi
Angeliki Stergianoudi
Senior UX Researcher, Haufe
«User Testing with Solid User Tests is 5x faster compared to moderated testing.»
Aleksey Fursa
Aleksey Fursa
User Experience Designer, Eliona

Less operations, more research

  • Manage participants
  • Registration forms
  • Conduct studies
  • Coordinate appointments (soon)
  • Analyze recordings
  • Report results (soon)
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